Latino Idols?

It’s about time! After a countless number of episodes highlighting the good, the bad and the delusional auditions in seven cities, plus another two weeks of installments spotlighting the drama surrounding Hollywood Week, the top 24 contestants are in place and we’re finally ready to get the party started on American Idol.  

In the past we’ve seen some great Latino talent come close to taking the title. The oh-so-talented Allison Iraheta was the last female standing last season, but ended up in fourth place.  And the adorable David Archuleta is the one who came closest to taking the AI crown, ultimately losing to David Cook. 

But with three standout singers in the running, it looks like this could finally be the year a Latina/o finally takes the top prize.

Andrew Garcia:  Considered by many (including myself) to be a lock to make the Top 12, the 24-year-old Moreno Valley, California native made a huge impression on the judges during Hollywood Week with his brilliant acoustic interpretation of Paula Abdul’s monster hit, “Straight Up”.  Surprisingly, Garcia only started singing about five years ago. By the look of things, he won’t be stopping anytime soon!


Ashley Rodriguez:  No one can say Rodriguez is all style and no substance.  The 22-year-old Chelsea, Massachusetts native wowed the judges with her expressive rendition of Alicia Keys’s “If I Ain’t Got You” at the Boston auditions. The judges have been ranting and raving about her ever since. Attractive and talented, Rodriguez really seems to be that “package artist” that Kara DioGuardi keeps talking about.  



Jose “Joe” Munoz:  The 20-year-old from Huntington Park, CA started singing at the age of 12 while still living in Guaymas, Mexico.  Despite the extremely limited airtime he’s received so far, the baby-faced singer who looks a lot like Archuleta could still win over viewers with his soulful voice. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get overlooked by viewers who’ve already been swayed by the personal stories of the more prominently featured contestants.


I’ve already changed my cell phone plan to include unlimited text messaging, and I'm all set to vote for Rodriguez and Garcia. 

Who are you rooting for?