Kirk Acevedo Fired From "Fringe," Actor Makes Announcement on Facebook

Kirk Acevedo, 37, is one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met (in Hollywood). He’s down to earth, laid-back, and every female Latina staffer loves him because he's "just so darn cute." So naturally, I was very bummed when I was minding my beeswax the other night on Facebook, and saw this status update on Kirk's page: "WELL BOYS AND GIRLS THEY DONE DID YER BOY WRONG! THEY FIRED ME OFF FRINGE, AND IVE NEVER BEEN FIRED IN MY LIFE!!!!"

Alarmed, shocked, taken aback, and stunned, I did the unthinkable: I sent an instant message to a celebrity at 2 a.m! Not fair, I know. After all, it was waaaay late. But I wanted to find out the scoop (and the reason for all those CAPS and threatening exclamation points!) and because Kirk's a nice guy, (and because he doesn’t have the powers that characters have on sci-fi shows like Fringe to zap or magically destroy me), Kirk wrote back! I asked him if it was true that he had in fact been let go from the show, and he answered that it was: “It’s called not picking up my option. But at the end of the day, you got fired!” he said. I told Kirk that I agree with Fox’s decision not to pick up his option, but only because Fringe hasn’t been giving him any screen time anyway. It’s a waste for someone who’s talented to be on a show that can’t manage to give him a fair amount of play, and he deserves something more substantial, like a Ray Romano type husband role on a new hit sitcom, or a serious project where the classically trained actor can take on something Shakespearian. A lot is being made about Kirk’s decision to “air his dirty laundry” on Facebook, but here’s what I have to say to that: It’s his private FB page. He can write whatever he wants there! Plus, I think that’s just the kind of guy that Kirk is: honest! Talking to me about his Fringe character Charlie Francis back in September, Kirk described how he’s different from the man he plays: “He’s the polar opposite of me, because I wear my heart on my sleeve and Charlie doesn’t speak unless he knows what he’s going to say,.” I think this impulsive face book update proves that notion, but that's not a bad thing. Stay real, Kirk!