Ian Gomez on 'Cougar Town': “I want a 'Felicity' Reunion on the Show!”

I caught up with Puerto Rican actor Ian Gomez to talk about what’s coming up on his hit comedy, Cougar Town. He dished on Jules’ new love interest, hinted when we might see Jennifer Aniston on the show, and told me why he’s dying for a Felicity Reunion.  

What can you tease about Cougar Town’s May 19th finale?
There’s a new love interest for Jules (Courtney Cox) on the show. So that’s going to be kind of exciting. She hooks up with somebody, and it’s kind of a shocker. Besides that, I’m going to be half-naked, because every time there’s a girl in a bathing suit, they have to do equal time, and I have to get in my underwear. I really don’t think it’s fair. I spend a lot of time in boxer shorts on the show, and while it’s comfortable, when it gets cold, it’s not so much fun.
I’m loving the bromance between Andy and Bobby. Will we see more of that in the last few episodes?
Maybe next season. It got to the point where I think the next step was us kissing, and I don’t think that was going to happen. I think they’re cooling it with the bromance right now.
Do you enjoy playing those scenes?
Yeah. I love Brian Van Holt, the guy who plays Bobby. He’s great to work with and we always have a great time. He’s a good hugger too, so it’s nice.
 Your TV wife, Ellie (Christa Miller), has got to the one of the grumpiest people in the entire world! Do you agree?
[Laughs] She is very particular about what she likes and what she doesn’t like, and very little tolerance for the things she doesn’t agree with. But Ellie loves my character so much that it’s kind of nice. She thinks Andy is sexy, which I appreciate.
 Your show is the funniest show on ABC’s Wednesday night lineup. Do you sometimes laugh out loud while you’re reading the scripts at home?
Yeah. Often I do. I laughed out loud when I read the first script, and usually there are a few things in each script that I think are hysterical. They tend to get better, too, by the time we shoot them, which is great.
The only thing that would make the show funnier is if Ellie came back next season with a Felicity-style haircut.
[Laughs] If she went ballistic after she got a really bad haircut—that would be quite funny!
Cougar Town was created by Bill Lawrence, who also created Scrubs. Do you think the shows are similar?
Cougar Town is a little more adult and a little more grown up. I love Scrubs—that was very funny. There are some similarities, especially the way it’s edited and it’s always fast paced comedy, as opposed to Modern Family where sometimes there will be long silences. It’s a different style of comedy, but both I think are very valid. It’s just that this show is a little faster paced.
There’s not a lot of diversity on the show. Are there plans to incorporate more minorities?
I’m sure that’s a concern, because our writing staff is quite diverse. It’s mostly women and there are a lot of different races represented in the writer’s room—so I would expect to see more of that showing up on the screen.
Is it true that Jennifer Aniston is going to guest star on the show?
I think that’s always a possibility, but her schedule is really busy. I’m sure they have all sorts of stories planned for her, and when the schedules work out, she’ll be on. Eventually, probably the whole cast of Friends will be on, and I’m trying to get the whole cast of Felicity to come on as well. Scott Speedman and Keri Russell would be wonderful, and the whole gang—we can have a mini Felicity reunion!