Golden Globes: Who Should Be Nominated!

The 67th Annual Golden Globe nominations are being announced tomorrow morning, and aside from having my fingers crossed that True Blood & Dexter score nominations for Best Drama Series, here are the Latin actors whose names deserve to be called tomorrow in four major acting categories.

Best Actor—Drama

Benjamin Bratt: As William Banks, a former heroin addict who helps other addicts get clean on A&E’s The Cleaner, Bratt’s motto is: “The first time you meet me, you’re not going to like me.” But here’s my two cents: After watching his realistic, touching, poignant, heartbreaking and smart performance on the show, we can’t help but like him. In fact, we love him, and so should Golden Globe voters!

Best Actress—Drama

Sonya Walger
: While Flash Forward is Joseph Fiennes’s star-vehicle, the show’s real standout is the talented part British, part-Argentinean actress Sonya Walger, who convincingly plays Fiennes’s conflicted wife, Olivia Benford. Horrified by what she sees in her own flash forward, Olivia—a woman of science—tries not to believe it can happen, but she can’t unsee what she has seen and it starts to take a toll on her work and life. It’s fascinating to watch Olivia unravel as her  inner-conflict wreaks havoc on her career and causes tension in her relationships—as in this wonderfully acted scene: 

Morena Baccarin: From her robotic and meticulous enunciation of words, to her confident walk and devilish smile, Baccarin plays such a convincing evil alien on ABC’s V that the CIA should have her checked for a tail! Anna’s eyes are always wide open, but there’s something behind them—or rather I should say that there seems to be nothing behind them: no soul. Anna is very scary, indeed, and it’s all to Morena’s credit. The Brazilian actress deserves to be recognized tomorrow.

Best Actress—Comedy

Sofia Vergara: Nobody on TV plays conceited, vain, and materialistic better than Colombian actress Vergara. As Gloria, Jay’s (Ed O’Neill) much younger, sexy wife on ABC’s hit comedy Modern Family, Vergara is a scene-stealer who consistently delivers big laughs, like in this scene where she mispronounces the phrase “Gold Digger” (“Coal Digger”) and surprises Phil (Ty Burrell) by being more conceited than he thought she was. 

Eva Longoria Parker: Try to fool Gabrielle Solis (Parker’s character on Desperate Housewives) and you will look like a fool every time! Just ask Ana (Maiara Walsh), who tried to get one over on her aunt Gaby and got caught red-handed. After six seasons, Longoria Parker continues to shine as the funniest actress on DH. And despite Gaby’s less-than-loveable qualities (she’s manipulative, selfish, arrogant and materialistic), we still find her hilarious and root for her. That’s a credit to Longoria Parker, who like Vergara, is one of TV’s funniest ladies.

Best Supporting Actress—Drama

Lauren Velez: For four seasons, Velez has been putting police officers and detectives in their place as the tough Lt. Maria Laguerta on Showtime’s hit serial killer drama Dexter. There’s a wonderful realism to the part-Dominican, part-Boricua actress’s performance on the show that makes you feel like you’ve met this kind of woman before. While Velez has never been nominated for her work on the show, she should’ve been recognized Every. Single. Season. Hopefully they’ll make up for that this year!

Courtney Ford
: As Christine Hill, a journalist and Quinn’s (Desmond Harrington) girlfriend on Dexter, actress Ford pulled out all the stops and delivered one of the most phenomenal, heart-pounding performances on TV all year! She played Christine as a no-nonsense, strong and fearless woman who would do anything for a story, but at the same time, she managed to give the character a lot of heart and soul. The best thing about Ford’s performance (aside from what a brilliant dramatic actress she is) is that she never really lets us know if she’s a good guy or a bad guy. Does she love Quinn for real, or is she just using him for a story? It’s hard to tell. And even after she confesses to shooting Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and killing Frank Lundy—and we learn that she's got some sociopathic tendencies—we still somehow feel bad for her because she realizes all too late that her father is a monster who will never love her.

Best Supporting Actor—Drama

Jimmy Smits: What can I say about Smits? He makes every show he’s on better, and that applies to his work on Dexter’s third season. As Miguel Prado, a District Attorney with a dark side, Smits managed to be likeable, detestable, loathsome and charming all at once—like in this scene where he tells Dexter he’s on to him:

Other award-worthy performances:

Unlike the Emmy’s, the Golden Globes don’t nominate actors for guest starring roles. But if they did, they’d be foolish not to nominate In the Heights alum Lin Manuel Miranda for his terrific work on FOX’s hit series House. As Hugh Laurie’s chatterbox roommate on the season 6 premiere—which was set in an insane asylum—Lin stole the show with a hilarious rap song he performed for the patients in his ward, but more importantly stole our hearts by channeling an uncooperative manic depressive patient whose friendship with Dr. House convinces him to take the first step and start getting the help that he needs. It’s one of the year’s most touching performances.

Rosie Perez: Rosie’s performance as the mother of a boy victimized by a pedophile on the Law and Order: SVU episode “Hardwired” was heartbreaking, emotional and unforgettable. She’ll probably get an Emmy nomination for her work on the show, but I wish the Golden Globes had a category to recognize her. It’s one of the best performances of the year.

Who are your dream nominees? Dish in the comments section and make sure to visit Vivo Por Tivo tomorrow to find out who actually got nominated!