EXCLUSIVE: What Your Favorite TV Stars Did on Their Summer Vacations

Want to know how your favorite Latin TV stars spent their summers? Well, you're in luck! In honor of the last week of summer, I emailed my favorite Latin celebrities and asked them to share their vacation stories exclusively with Vivo Por TiVo readers. Joanna Garcia, Kate del Castillo, Nadine Velasquez and a dozen other TV stars got back to me and told me all about their summer travels to Africa, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, Paris, London, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Costa Rica! I was surprised by how much these celebs traveled during el verano, but what surprised me more than anything was learning how much they worked during summer. (I used to think celebs were the only one who didn't have to work during the summer, but in fact, they work more than we do!) Read on to see what else your favorite stars were up to during summer 2009!

Joanna Garcia (Privileged, Gossip Girl): “This summer has undoubtedly been one of the best so far! Living in New York, working on Gossip Girl and soaking up everything this great city has to offer has made the past few months unforgettable!”

Kate del Castillo (Weeds): “This summer has been a whirlwind of work, I’m happy to report. In addition to a recurring guest role on Weeds, I produced and starred in Univision’s web novella Vidas Cruzadas ('Crossed Lives') as well as toured Mexico in David Harrower’s acclaimed two-character play Pájaro Negro ('Blackbird'). I love my work!”

Nadine Velazquez (My Name Is Earl): "This summer I was in Costa Rica and did a canopy tour; London for Prince Azim's birthday party; Egypt visiting temples and pyramids; and NYC to see In the Heights."

Kristina Guerrero (host of E! News): "I worked so much and I couldn't get away, so I enjoyed a staycation this summer. When I managed to find a day off or two, I'd hang out by my pool getting some sun and listening to music—all with a margarita right by my side!"

Shayne Lamas (The Lamas Family): “I had the most amazing summer shooting my new reality series for the E! network! It was so much fun to spend the time with my family and to have the opportunity to work with them. It was a very special and memorable summer.”

Camille Guaty (The Nine, Cupid): "Of the seven years in pursuit of my dream, I have never taken the time to travel. This summer, I finally allowed myself to stop and smell the roses!! I took my grandma to Paris for her 80th birthday—memories I will cherish for life—followed by a fun trip to the countryside of England, where I met up with friends and dabbled in some fine English sports: archery, clay-pigeon shooting and horseback riding. I ended my travels with a four-day weekend in Puerto Rico for my friend’s charity event. Now it's back to the grind!”

Paola Turbay (The Closer, The Secret Life of the American Teenager): "I spent my summer vacation on an amazing African safari. My family and I stayed at the beautiful Royal Livingstone on the banks of the Zambezi River. The contrasts—from the breathtaking Victoria Falls to the touching smiles of the children of Simonga Village—make Zambia a place to which I look forward to returning."

Marlene Forte (Tyler Perry’s House of Payne): "I am having a blast spending my summer working! I picked up a new gig as the new co–artistic director of Company of Angels, the oldest Los Angeles nonprofit theater company, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! We got a new artistic home in downtown L.A. on the third floor of the historic Alexandria Hotel, where CoA is now headquartered. It's all about the art walk, the restaurants and the cultural diversity of the people that make Los Angeles the city of Angels—because with CoA we truly are in the company of angels."

Judge Marilyn Milian (The People’s Court): “I spent the summer chasing kids up and down the rocky mountains in North Carolina, cooling off from the 100-degree Miami weather, riding horses, hiking trails and looking at mountain views in one of the most beautiful parts of our country!”

Judge Alex Ferrer (Judge Alex): "Summer in Florida has to involve the ocean. Mine was spent surfing in Cocoa Beach and lobstering in Miami. It’s all good.”

Sofia Milos (CSI: Miami): “Between Monte Carlo and relaxing at the beach in Kalamata, Greece, with my mother and cousins, I had a wonderful summer! Then I went to Rome and the islands of Ischia and Capri, and it was magic. Love was in the air.”

Armando Montelongo (Flip This House): “I spent my summer buying real estate in California while the rest of the country was griping about the economy. ... I spent my summer teaching eager students how to be the next great real estate entrepreneur while the rest of the country was bitching about the economy. ... I spent the summer teaching my son how to buy real estate (he is 10) so that when he is 30, he doesn't spend his summers griping about the economy!”

Natasha Komis (Paris Hilton’s My New BFF): “My band and I played Rocklohoma, which was a great success. Time flies when I’m being creative, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Berto Colon (winner of ¡Viva Hollywood!): “I spent my summer improving myself for the never-ending fight to the top! I feel great about the second half of 2009, new work, a new baby and a lot of growth. I can’t wait!”

Maria Conchita Alonso (¡Viva Hollywood!, Maneater): "Because of what I do, I work all year long. When I need to take days off anytime of the year, I go to Mexico or Spain, two of my favorite countries, where I can relax among friends."

Now that you know how your favorite celebs spent their summer, tell us how you spent yours! Did you travel like Paola Turbay and Nadine Velasquez, or did you party it up at home like Kristina Guerrero? Also, tell us which celeb you think had the best summer vacation? The comments are yours for the taking!