EXCLUSIVE: Meet 90210's Newest Hunk Diego Boneta

I recently spoke to the hunky Mexican singer, Diego Boneta, about his role in the last three episodes of 90210, and he gave me tons of spoilers!

Tell us about your character on 90210?
His name is Javier and he’s this huge pop star. Personality-wise, I identified a lot with the character because I’m a singer as well, and like him, I’m known in the Latin world, and we’re both not arrogant guys.

Were you confident you would get the part?
I took a press package with me to my audition and as soon as the producers saw it, they were like, ‘Wow, this guy is Javier!’ But you know how it is, Lee, there’s a lot of competition here, and I’m not the only good singer out there. But I was happy when they asked me to send them the material that I’d recently written for my third album!

Will your own songs be featured on the show?
Yes! Two of them. I’m going to sing “Fade Away” to Adrianna in my second episode airing May 11th, and I’ll be singing “Siempre Tu,” in the May 18th finale.

Are you going to be doing a duet with Adrianna?
Yes! But that’s not one of my songs. The duet is a song that writing-wise I have nothing to do with.

How many episodes of 90210 will you appear on?
I’m in the three last episodes. My character is introduced on May 4th.

Will your character come between Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Navid (Michael Steger)?
Yeah man. Are you familiar with The Phantom of the Opera?


The plot is very similar to that. It’s a love triangle between Adrianna, Navid and Javier—and Adrianna is like the normal girl that goes to high school, and she’s in love with Navid, who in this case would be Raul, the normal, sweet guy. Javier is more of the seductive, mysterious, charming, confident kind of guy. So she’s kind of torn, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Does Adrianna fall in love with him?
Yeah! First of all, since she wants to pursue her singing career and Javier’s an international pop star and everybody knows who he is, there’s something about that that she really likes. And Javier is also kind of taking advantage of that to get closer to her, saying that he wants to help her out with her music career to get a bit closer to Adrianna.

Is Javier a good guy or a bad guy?
Javier is a very, very smart guy. Like any performer, he has years of experience. He’s been around. He knows how to get what he wants. I wouldn’t say he’s a bad guy at all.

Will you be back next season?
I don’t know yet, but it’s left open, so you’re going to have to watch the season finale my friend.

Is Jessica Lowndes a good singer?
When you hear of actors who want to sing, it normally doesn’t turn out that great, right? And we were in the studio, and she started singing her part on the duet, and I was very surprised. She has a naturally pleasant tone. She has one of those Broadway musical kind of voices were she is almost kind of talking.

I know you’ve starred in telenovelas in Mexico, including the popular, Rebelde. How is working on 90210 different from working on a telenovela?
That was one of the things that I was kind of nervous about when I first moved here. Because I’ve had a lot of experience doing telenovelas in Mexico, so when I first moved here I thought, 'I wonder what the differences are between working in Mexico and working here.' There are no child labor laws in Mexico. I was working 20 hour-days. 53 days straight. Christmas—half-day off. So when people ask me, ‘Diego are you passionate about what you do?’ I just tell them, ‘What 12-year-old kid would be willing to do that?’

Are you excited that 90210 is going to introduce you to a whole new audience?
I am thrilled. And I am very proud to be representing my country, Mexico! ¡Viva Mexico, cabrones!

You can follow Diego on Twitter by going here: Twitter.com/diegoboneta.