Exclusive: Frankie Delgado on "Bromance" - "It's Not Gay"

The word bromance sounds an awful lot like romance, but Frankie Delgado--who co-stars with Brody Jenner on the new MTV show by the same name--insists it means something totally different. "It's not gay," Delgado explains. "It's a brotherhood, a male friendship. They call it a bromance because it's someone you're really close with, your best friend. It's like when girls go, 'She's my BFF.' "

On Bromance (Monday nights at 10p.m.), Delgado helps his real-life best friend, Brody, find a new friend.
I asked Frankie what would possess someone to try to compete for Brody's friendship, and in true bromantic fashion, he promoted the s**t out his boy.

"Because he's the man! If you define cool, that's what Brody is: Girls want to do him, and guys want to be him."
Frankie added that he and Brody know exactly what they're looking for in a "bro" to join their entourage.
"We want someone we can trust who is there for Brody no matter what."

The pals first met five years ago, when Frankie moved to L.A from Tijuana, Mexico, where he was raised.
"We had so many things in common," says the nightclub promoter-turned-TV producer. "We both love to party, love the San Diego Chargers and love girls." Frankie, who is single, says he doesn't mind that Brody currently has a girlfriend.
"When somebody has a relationship, it doesn't mean you forget about your friends. His girlfriend is cool. She's like, 'Let's invite Frankie out.' She's Playmate of the Year, and she brings her hot friends."

Hot or not, Delgado says friendship always comes before the ladies.
"Hoes never come before bros," he says, laughing.
"Well, almost never. Maybe at 2 a.m. when you gotta go home," he says.
"But bros always come before hoes. Always, always. 100% of the time."

Delgado is currently developing another TV show in addition to Bromance, but it's top secret for now. "We're still in
the beginning stages," he says.