Eva Longoria Parker Gets a Brazilian…Niece!

A few weeks ago, I reported that Gaby’s (Eva Longoria-Parker’s) niece was moving onto Wisteria Lane, and I gave the casting folks over at ABC some ideas as to who they should cast for the role (what’s the matter ABC—Freida Pinto not good enough for ya?) As disappointed as I am that the network ignored my very fine suggestions, I am really excited to tell you who the network has chosen to play Ana—a character who, according to all reports, is a spoiled teen brat who’s going to be giving Gaby one serious dolor de cabeza! Drum roll please…Ana will be played by none other than 21-year-old Brazilian actress Maiara Walsh (pronounced “My-yah-ra”), who is perhaps best known for her role as Meena Paroom (what’s with this girl and strange names?), on the Disney channel series, Cory in the House. Ana will first appear in this season’s DH finale in mid-May, but she’ll be back next fall for a multi-episode arc (and perhaps a major mystery storyline).

I have to admit, I was kind of hoping that ABC would choose one of my dream casting choices for the role—(I even secretly hoped they’d go for a famous, young Latina like Selena Gomez, or Demi Lovato (who, by the way, is the real-life half-sister of Madison de la Garza, who plays Gaby’s daughter Juanita on DH). But I’m not entirely disappointed by this choice, and here’s why: Maiara is a natural beauty who also boasts excellent comedic acting skills (a good thing, considering DH is about 80 % comedy on any given week). She also seems like a genuinely kind and mature young woman with a good head on her shoulders (and head-and-shoulders hair to boot!). Finally, Maiara—who's mother is Brazilian and father is American—is fluent in both Spanish and Portugese (and I'm really hoping Ana will curse Gaby out in both languages!).

What about you: Do you like the idea of Maiara as Gaby’s niece? Would you have preferred Selena? Frieda? Demi? Dish in the comments!