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Diversity Report Card: NBC

After grading CW’s Latin-ness last week, this week I am taking a good hard look at NBC, and let me tell you: I don’t like what I see.

While the Peacock network does a decent job of casting Latinos in supporting roles—Oscar Nunez (The Office), Joshua Gomez (Chuck), Guillermo Diaz (Mercy), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and Aimee Garcia (Trauma)—the network has a big, fat ZERO Latin stars in lead roles. I know what you’re thinking: How on earth could that be when ABC—who I graded two weeks ago—has eight Latinos as leads?

NBC has plenty of white stars, though. Joel McHale headlines Community, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin lead 30 Rock, Zachary Levi stars in Chuck, Christopher Meloni stars in Law and Order and Parenthood features a cast that is entirely White. Friday Night Lights provides a spark of color now that Coach Taylor has been relegated to the "bad" side of town; but most of the main characters are still Caucasian and there is nary a Latino in sight, which is just plain weird for a show based out of Texas.

Then there’s Saturday Night Live—the whitest comedy show on television (save Fred Armisen). Seeing a pattern? Is NBC’s late-night lineup any more diverse? Nope. Jay Leno, Carson Daly, and Jimmy Fallon fill the slots…

NBC, your final grade is:  F