Confessions of a Telenovela Junkie

For more than a decade, I have managed to avoid watching a single episode of a telenovela. Since the last episode of my all-time favorite Spanish melodrama, La Usurpadora, I was completely drama-free. 

But that’s all over now; I have officially fallen off the wagon! I’m blaming it on all the excitement surrounding Telemundo’s El Clon, which premiered this week. It’s a reincarnation of the hugely successful Brazilian telenovela O Clon, which aired in some 90 countries back in the earlier part of the decade.   

Co-produced by Telemundo Studios and TV Globo, El Clon is a contemporary story of love and honor that transcends science and deals with important topics like drug trafficking, cloning and attitudes about Islam. 

Starring a breathtakingly gorgeous on-screen couple—Mexican actors Mauricio Ochmann and Sandra Echeverria—the telenovela centers around a young woman who moves to Morocco after the death of her mother. While undergoing dramatic lifestyle and cultural changes to survive in her new environment, she falls madly in love with a man who dies in an accident. He’s cloned and returns 20 years later—looking just as hot as he did when they originally met—but she’s already gotten married and had children with someone else. Oh, the drama!

While discussing what’s been dubbed as Telemundo's "most ambitious production," Telemundo Studios president Patricio Wills likened the remake of the megahit telenovela to repainting a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa. "It's like a puzzle, if you change one thing the entire thing will fall apart," he said.

But don’t worry! Even though El Clon has been tweaked slightly to appeal to a Hispanic-American audience, the main story remains the same.

And after the premiere episode, which featured the two stars locking eyes for the very first time, I’ve already fallen for El Clon hook, line and sinker!

Do you think the remake can capture the magic of the original?