Chuy Bravo from "Chelsea Lately" is TV's First Late-Night Latino Sidekick

Almost every late-night talk show host has a sidekick who laughs at their jokes (even when they're less than hilarious), joins them in funny skits and helps them entertain viewers. Jay Leno has Kevin Eubanks, and for years, Conan O'Brien had comedian Andy Richter sitting closely at his side—now Max Weinberg banters with him from his drum kit.

Chelsea Handler, the hostess of cable talk show Chelsea Lately (which airs weeknights at 11:30pm on E!, and which I happened to be addicted to) is no different. Except for one thing: she has the first Latino talk show sidekick ever!

Chelsea's sidekick/assistant is 49-year-old Jesus Melgoza, or Chuy Bravo to his fans, a "little person" who makes Chelsea Lately an even funnier show than it already is. Chuy has great comedic timing and says the most offensive things in the most matter-of-fact, straightfaced way. Not to mention, he's able to handle the likes of Chelsea Handler, a comedienne in the vein of Sarah Silverman who is always talking about her wild sexcapades—which are well-documented in her best-selling book, Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea—and what she likes to call her "Pikachu" (that's Chelsea-speak for vagina).

To use Chelsea's words, both she and Chuy are a "hot mess," but that's why I love watching them so much. In fact, I am so into them that I even visited Chuy Bravo's MySpace page recently to get to know more about him, and there I found this revealing tidbit: Chuy says he was discovered by Hollywood when "As a young man the production of "The Three Amigos" rolled into his tiny Mexican village. A chance meeting with his idol, Martin Short, during the production, led to a temporary job arranging nightly hookers for Mr. Short."

I highly doubt that Chuy is being serious here (he often isn't), but I dare say that I don't care how he made it into Hollywood. I only care that he did. He's the first of his kind on TV, but hopefully he won't be our last!

Check out the video clip below to see a skit here Chelsea visits Chuy's Mexican family for dinner and offends the entire table with lines like, "I love me some beans...who wants some risotto?"

Then, tell me: do you find late-night duo Chelsea and Chuy funny?

WATCH: Chelsea Handler and Chuy Bravo on Chelsea Lately