Casting Scoops: Rosie Perez Battles Pedophiles

If boricua Rosie Perez’s heavy Brooklyn accent doesn’t scare away pedophiles (and it should!), her fearless character on the new season of Law & Order: SVU should do the trick. is reporting that the Oscar-nominated actress (Fearless, Do the Right Thing) and actor Garret Dillahunt “will square off on an explosive episode of Law & Order this fall about pedophiles’ rights." Dillahunt will play the head of a pedophilia organization called “Hardwired” that sees pedophilia as genetically predetermined. Perez will play the wife of a man who is accused of abusing her child, and her character seeks legal action against Dillahunt and his organization for influencing her husband to commit the acts.
According to, the writers of Law & Order had Perez, 44, in mind when they wrote the role of a young sexual abuse victim’s mother. The show’s executive producer, Neal Baer, said, “I think you’ll be surprised by her performance.” Well, Rosie, you may not get to play Sonia Sotomayor, (especially since J. Lo just invited her to dinner), but at least you’re playing a character who’s fighting the good fight! The 11th season of Law & Order: SVU premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 23, on NBC, and Perez’s episode (the fifth of the season) is scheduled to air in October.