Casting Ideas for New Gay Role on "True Blood"

HBO drama True Blood is looking to fill a major new role, reports. They are currently casting the season three role of Talbot, “trophy husband” to Russell Edgington, the gay vampire King of Mississippi (to be played by Denis O’Hare). The web is buzzing with varying opinions over who should play the role (popular choices include Nathan Fillion (Castle), and openly-gay actor Rupert Everett (My Best Friend’s Wedding). Call me biased (and I am), but I happen to think producer Alan Ball should cast a sexy Latin lover for O’Hare to bite/play with! Here are the five Latin charmers that I would love to see as el Rey’s great-looking significant other.

Ricky Martin, 37: If Ball wants to cast an extremely hot guy for this role (and I can’t imagine that he doesn’t), then he might consider Grammy Award winning Puerto Rican pop singer Martin. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Ricky’s never acted, right? Well, that’s actually not true. The talented hip-shaking performer made his foray into acting in 1996, playing the romantic lead Marius Pontmercy in Broadway’s Les Miserables. Plus, if the chiseled Martin is cast as an oft-shirtless trophy husband, the last thing True Blood fans will notice are his acting skills.

Adam Rodriguez, 34: With looks like Adam’s, this pretty actor with a killer smile shouldn't be wasting his time with an Ugly girl named Betty. He needs to be on a raunchy, provocative cable TV drama like Blood—where he's free from the puritanical practices of network television. Plus, since Adam spent years working at CSI: Miami, he’s really good at solving murders. On a deadly show like True Blood, that just may come in handy.

Benjamin Bratt, 45: When Julia Roberts won an Oscar for Erin Brokovich in 2001, she was escorted to the show by her then boyfriend/good luck charm—Peruvian heartthrob Bratt. If that’s not a type of “trophy” husband, I don’t know what is. Rather than explain to you why I think Ben should be cast as the King’s sexy plaything by using boring details, I’ll let someone on You Tube (who seems to be obsessed with him) make the argument.

Mario Lopez, 35: Because he has abs for days, enviable dimples and an overall perfect physique, Mexican heartthro Lopez would be a great choice. And thanks to his upcoming role as Dr. Mike Hamoui on Nip/Tuck, we also know that Mario is not averse to some naughty sexual fun. Lets hope the King of Mississippi has an S&M fetish.

Jay Hernandez, 31: As much as I loved Hernandez as Kirsten Dunst’s handsome boyfriend in 2001’s Crazy Beautiful, I think it’s time for the great-looking actor to play the part of someone who is both beautiful and crazy. Enter True Blood—no one on that show is normal, so I can’t imagine the King’s husband will be.

Like my choices? Loathe them? Who would you like to see as Denis O’Hare’s prized husband? Dish in the comments section!