Benjamin Bratt To Guest Star on "Modern Family"

Peruvian actor Benjamin Bratt, whose series The Cleaner was cancelled exactly two weeks ago, will guest star on an upcoming episode of ABC’s new hit comedy Modern Family, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bratt will play Gloria Delgado Pritchett’s (Sofia Vergara’s) ex-husband on the show, and the father of her son Manny (Rico Rodriguez). His character—a reportedly great-looking sex machine who has some issues—has already been mentioned on the show in previous episodes. In the pilot, Gloria talks about how all she and her ex-husband did during their marriage was "fight and make love, fight and make love," and in a recent episode, Gloria's reliable (but decidedly less sexy) new husband Jay (Ed O’Neill) is forced to lie to Manny when his deadbeat dad promises to pick him up for a father-son weekend, and never shows up.

Bratt, 45, is more of a dramatic actor than a comic actor, so I have to say that I'm pretty surprised by news of his casting. However, he has dabbled in comedy once before, in the feature film Miss Congeniality opposite Sandra Bullock (twice, if you count his role in the unintentionally hilarious Catwoman, opposite Halle Berry). Still, I really enjoyed Bratt in Miss Congeniality, and I hope he brings the same charm and humor to Modern Family that he brought to that great rom-com.

And while Bratt is only expected to appear in one episode, it still begs the question: If you were Sofia Vergara, who would you choose: Geriatric Al Bundy, or abs-for-days Bratt? Dish in the comments section!