Adam Rodriguez to Leave "CSI: Miami"

Is a Cuban really leaving Miami? ¡No puede ser! But alas, it’s true: Yesterday afternoon, broke the sad news story that Adam Rodriguez, 34, the Cuban and Bolivian actor who stars as Agent Eric Delko on CSI: Miami, is leaving the show after seven seasons!

There is talk that Rodriguez will return for the show’s eighth season (premiering Sept. 21 at 10 p.m.) for only a “limited engagement, after which he will exit the show.”  We also found out that “Rodriguez may possibly return for a multiple episode arc, but in a worst-case scenario he will only shoot the season premiere.” The shocking news of the handsome Rodriguez’s departure will inevitably upset millions of Miami lovers. Many are huge fans of Delko, who has been a main character on the series since the very first episode in 2002.

We're now left wondering if Rodriguez is leaving the show over poor contract negotiations.
Although TV Guide was the first to break the story on Wednesday about his departure, Rodriguez’s chatty costar Emily Procter (who plays love interest Calleigh Duquesne on the show) hinted that Rodriguez might be leaving Miami on Monday during a televised interview with E News! at the CBS/CW/Showtime TCA Party.

Asked about the couple’s (Eric and Calleigh’s) future, Procter held back laughter as she said: “I think my romance is in jeopardy. I think we were in some poor contract negotiations." Poor contract negotiations? Does that mean that CBS didn’t want to renew Adam’s contract? Did the Miami vet ask for too much dinero? This raises so many questions, like: At the end of Season 7, Delko was accidentally shot by Calleigh (what a great girlfriend, huh?) and lay wounded in the Miami marsh while his team searched for him. Now that Rodriguez is leaving the show, does that mean they’re going to kill him off? Uh-oh.

I’m really bummed about Adam’s departure from Miami, and I hope the CSI show-runners know what they’re doing. Delko is one of the show’s most popular characters, and the female audience certainly seems to think he’s easy on the eyes (but I guess they’ve got that taken care of now that Eddie Cibrian is on board). I also think the show’s fans were adamant about seeing what would happen next between Delko and Calleigh after years of friendship. So, big mistake, CBS!

That said, I’m still mega-excited to see the first episode of the show’s eigth season because it centers on Rodriguez’s character as the comatose Delko flashes back to his past—1997, to be precise. We get to see his first meeting with Eddie Cibrian’s new officer character. Are we all really going to get to witness Rodriguez’s meeting with his replacement on the show? Cool!

Well, there you have it, folks: The best looking Cuban male on TV is out of a job. Thank God I just gave him a lead role in the Latino True Blood. Oh, wait—that’s fictional. Sorry, Adam. But maybe you can go kiss Ugly Betty? I hear she’s getting a makeover.