90210 Casting News: Is Tristan Wilds About to Get “Unfaithful” with Rihanna?

Dixon's (Tristan Wilds) bipolar ex-girlfriend, Silver (Jessica Stroup), won't be the only one with a new love interest when 90210’s second season premiers on Sept. 8. He’ll be getting freaky too, with a hot older woman who’s got a lot in common with singer Rihanna.

Dixon's new love interest goes by the name "Sasha" (not of “Dat Sexy Body” reggae fame), but she does want to "get to know [him] baby!" The CW has put out a casting call for Sasha that describes the character in the following way: attractive African American female who's stylishly dressed and into sports, music and having fun. Her interest in música is more than just a hobby—girl’s got a “cool vibe,” and as a DJ she can spin with the best of them. The best thing about Sasha, though, is that she’s más vieja than Dixon by quite a few years (she's in her 20s) and she has no idea that the handsome Peach Pit waiter Dixon (whom she meets when she picks up an order to go), is actually a high school junior (can’t wait till the shiz hits the fan!). Word on the street is that Silver gets really peeved about her ex’s new girlfriend, which is understandable: wouldn’t you be pissed if your ex started dating a successful girl who reminded everyone of Rihanna?

The role of Sasha has not yet been cast, but here’s an idea for CW producers: Why not cast Rihanna herself? She’d be perfect for getting unfaithful with Dixon, plus she’s hot!

What say you Vivo Por TVians: Do you want to see Rihanna get freaky with Tristan on 90210? Do you think Silver’s got a right to be mad? What would you do if your ex-boo was dating a new hot chick a la Sasha? Dish in the comments!