5 Songs By Latinos That Should Spread Some "Glee" on Fox!

Without a doubt, my favorite thing about Fox’s new hit series Glee (airing tonight at 9 p.m.) is the music. Seriously, the show’s amazing versions of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” Kanye West’s “Gold Digga” and Rihanna’s “Take A Bow,” are all in major rotation on my iPod right now. And since one of the things that makes me proudest to be Latino is nuestra música, I started to think of my favorite songs by Latin artists that I would love to hear performed on Glee. I even came up with specific episode ideas that would suit each of the songs. So Glee writers, you have no excuse not to include these songs in your show, because I've done all of the work for you! Without further ado, here’s how I see Latin artists spreading a little soulful Glee:

1. Episode Name: "Dirty Mind"

The best romance on Glee is the one that hasn’t actually developed into a romance yet. The adorably cute and flirtatious relationship between idealistic choir teacher Mr. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) and neurotic, but loveable guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) is love waiting to happen. Seriously, these two are cuter than the Olson twins on Full House. While I love that they’re both so innocent, I kind of wish they would just rip off each other’s clothes and get down and dirty. Enter Christina Aguilera. Emma—who obviously would never do anything dirty, mostly because she’s afraid of germs and dirt—performs Aguilera’s signature anthem “Dirty” while wearing black leather boots, a mini-skirt and red lingerie underneath (just like in the video). She can even have a whip to make it naughtier, and she can sing the following to Will: "I need that to get me off/ Sweating ‘till my clothes come off!” Hot, right? I know what you’re thinking: "That soooo wouldn’t happen. It’s not like her character to become a singing dominatrix." I agree. That’s why once the scene is done (and Emma and Will have gotten it on), we peel back and show the audience that the whole thing was a dream—of Will’s! See how I used a device to justify my premise? I’m good, right?

2.Episode Name: “Beautiful Liar”

There’s a great love triangle on Glee that involves Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) and Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron). While Finn seems to like them both, he’s also leading both girls on—big time! Instead of fighting each other (like they’ve been doing all season), in this episode, the gals get some advice from a Beyoncé and Shakira collaboration—"Beautiful Liar." They perform the song for Finn: “Lets not fuel the drama/ Lets not start a fight/ It’s not worth the drama/ For a beautiful life/ Tell me how to forgive you/ When its me who’s ashamed/ The answer is simple/ He’s the one to blame!” Ooh, Finn is not going to like that!

3. Episode Name: "The Hipster"

If you ask me, Naya Rivera, who plays Santana Lopez, has not gotten her chance to shine yet on Glee. They don’t give her the chance to sing! My idea is to have the kids at McKinley High School (along with their teacher Will) discover that Santana’s got a hidden talent that could make her a secret weapon at nationals: she can dance and shake her hips like Shakira. Will can even quote a line from Shakira upon seeing her talent revealed. “I never really knew that she could dance like this!” And since he’s a Spanish teacher, it would also make sense for him to say, “She makes a man want to speak Spanish.”

4. Episode Name: "I Could Fall in Love"

At its core, Glee is a romantic comedy about true love, and so I think this next song should speak to that major theme. That's why I picked Selena’s beautiful “I Could Fall in Love.” I would love to hear Will sing this to Emma when they finally decide to follow their hearts and be together. She shouldn’t keep it to herself—she should definitely let him know!

5. Episode Name: “Do You Really Want It?” (Season 1 Finale)

This season on Glee, the choir is going to be competing at sectionals, regionals and nationals. One thing I know for sure about this particular Glee club is that they don’t do well under pressure. They give up until Will gives them a pep talk. Then they come back stronger than ever! The last episode of the season should chronicle the choir’s cold feet about performing at nationals. But in order to win, the choir is going to need a song that inspires and motivates them to believe in themselves. Enter Ricky Martin! The choir can do a version of his hit "The Cup of Life." The lyrics are nothing if not inspiring: “The cup of life/ This is the one”...“Now is the time/ Don’t ever stop”...“We should’ve known/ Gotta be strong”..."I feel it in your soul/ It’s gonna take control…Nothing can hold you back if you really want it! Now that the day is here we gotta go and get it. Do you really want it?"

What songs by Latin artists do you think the choir should perform on Glee?