“Weeds” Star Guillermo Diaz: “I’m A Very Big Advocate of Marijuana!”

I am a very big advocate of actor Guillermo Diaz, 38. I loved him in Half Baked as Dave Chappelle’s moody, pot-dealing associate, Scarface. And he was pee-in-your-pants funny as dumbass gangster Paco Rodriguez in the Dangerous Minds parody High School High.  So when Guillermo agreed to talk to Vivo Por TiVo about his current role on the fifth season of Showtime's hit series Weeds, I had high hopes that he would be as charismatic, funny, and down-to-earth as the kick-ass dudes he portrays on the big screen. And luckily for me, the actor didn’t disappoint! The openly gay Cuban actor, who stars as merciless drug-dealer Guillermo on Weeds, talked exclusively to me about what’s next for his character this season, his upcoming role on the NBC hospital drama Mercy, his love of pot, and why he’s not a bit jealous of Clay Aiken.

You rock on Weeds! What’s coming up for your character Guillermo this season?

Well, when you first see him, he’s still in jail, and he’s pretty upset with Mary-Louise Parker’s character Nancy Botwin. Guillermo realizes she’s the one who called the feds on him—the one who turned him in. So in the beginning of the season, there’s a lot of back and forth between Guillermo and Nancy, and with her going to visit him in jail.

Would you say Guillermo is furious with Nancy?

Absolutely! He feels betrayed. He hooked her up in this maternity store where she had this ideal job—she didn’t have to do shit—and she was making a ton of money! And then she goes and turns him in! He’s pissed off at her. But at the same time, Guillermo has a newfound respect for Nancy because she had the balls to try to take him down. In Nancy’s defense, Guillermo started trafficking young women for prostitution and that was something she wasn’t willing to be a part of.

Sometimes I feel like Guillermo wants to make out with Nancy. Is he sexually attracted to her?

I think he was in the beginning, for sure! But now he just kind of feels like she’s a peer, like a sister. They’re past that sexual attraction part, which makes {their relationship} more powerful because they have a connection where they’re drawn to each other and care about each other, but it’s not sexual.

Will Guillermo get out of prison, or will he stay locked up?

I don’t know. I know as much as you guys. I’m excited to find out myself!

Who is more badass: your character, or Tijuana Mayor Esteban Reyes (Demián Bichir)?

My character is definitely more badass than Esteban! Because I think Esteban tries to be a bit more sophisticated and mature and intellectual, and my character is a little bit more street and hardcore. He likes scaring people—with a smile!

What do you and your character have in common?

Um, I sell marijuana on the side [Laughs]. I’m kidding. I think his sense of humor. I have a really warped sense of humor, and he has a sick sense of humor as well.

You play a drug dealer a lot in movies and on TV, so I’m curious: do you smoke weed, or have you ever smoked it?

Oh yeah, I love weed! I am a very big advocate of marijuana! I’m smoking right now as we’re doing this interview. No, I’m not [Laughs].

Why is this Mexican storyline about drug trafficking and murder an important one for Weeds to tell right now?
A lot of it is based on real events, like the tunnel we built from California to Tijuana last season—all of that really happened. People might see it as stereotypical for Latin actors to be playing these drug lords and drug dealers. But it's really happening out there, and we’re just telling the story.

You are also going to be starring on a new hospital drama called Mercy for NBC (coming out in January 2010). Who do you play on that show?
I play a gay nurse named Angel. The show revolves around the lives of nurses in a New Jersey hospital called Mercy Hospital. We will start shooting in September in Secaucus, New Jersey, and I’m moving to the East Coast. I’m originally from Washington Heights, New York so it’s like going back home. I’m glad to go back. It’s all good!

Since you’re doing Mercy, does that mean you won't be back on Weeds next season, even if they ask you back?
If they ask me back, I would absolutely come back!

You're an openly gay celebrity like Clay Aiken, but People Magazine didn't put you on their cover like they did Clay with the words "I'm Gay." Are you jealous?
No, because I’ve never really been in the closet. It’s like: I have brown hair, and I’m gay. To me it’s not a big deal, and people don’t make it a big deal. I’m like “yeah, whatever, I’m gay--big deal," which is the way I think it should be. I don’t think I need a cover story in People to talk about it. I’m open and cool about it.

This is more than a little off topic, but I heard a rumor that when you were working on a Sierra Mist commercial when comedienne Kathy Griffin blessed your trailer by taking a #2 in your bathroom while you weren’t there. Say it isn’t so?
Yeah! She took a shi* in my trailer! We were shooting early--our call-time was 5 a.m. so her trailer wasn’t ready yet. I showed up at work and went to my trailer and she was coming out of it. So I said, “What’s up Kathy?” And she was apologizing and said that she had to use my bathroom. She had taken a big old shi* in my trailer. I was like “oh shi*!”

What say you Vivo Por TVians? Do you love Guillermo on Weeds as much I do? Do you think he’s going to kill Nancy and get his revenge? Would you be furious with Kathy for taking a big 'ol Griffin in your trailer? Dish in the comments!