On My Radar: 5 Things Working On 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Taught Me

Playing Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my first regular TV gig, so I learn something new literally ev-er-y day on set. Oooo, this is how they shoot driving scenes! or Holy shit, the lighting crew can make/break how an actor looks! There’s so much new information to absorb; I’m like a giant baby soaking up my new world. (FULLY POTTY TRAINED THOUGH I SWEAR). Here are a handful of my favorite lessons so far:

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Stephanie Beatriz, Blogger & Actress

Stephanie Beatriz plays Det. Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She loves her senior chihuahua and kombucha, and is serious graphic tee shirt addict. She's also really, really into Disneyland.

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