On My Radar: My Reaction to My Glasses Becoming a Big Deal After the Golden Globes

Stephanie Beatriz wearing her glasses at the Golden Globes
Getty Images (left)


No, really.

The morning after the Golden Globes I woke up and checked my Facebook in bed, like you do. A few friends had posted to my wall that I was on a Buzzfeed list – #1 of “The Definitive 2014 Golden Globes Eyewear Ranking” (how is that a thing?) – and apparently wearing my glasses on stage had somehow made a little splash. Which of course I thought was awesome and hilarious, seeing as I’m a big fan of Buzzfeed in general and really appreciate their cute animals lists.

I didn’t wear my glasses on the red carpet. If you look at pics from that night (and there aren’t that many because the photographers didn’t really care about us until after we won), I am not wearing them until after the ceremony. Mostly I didn’t wear them because I had stuck in my head that a) glasses are not appropriate for dressy events and b) what if one of my idols like Meryl Streep saw me in my glasses, looking inappropriate?? I. Would. Die.

But something really cool happened at the Globes. (Technically a lot of cool things happened: I brushed up against Reese Witherspoon! I met Chris Pratt!! I sat in the same room as Lupita!!!  Andy won “Best Actor in a Comedy Series” and Brooklyn Nine-Nine won best “Best Comedy Series”!!!!). Just as we were sitting down to our table inside, I was desperately trying to wrangle myself a plate of food (they DO NOT feed you enough food at these things and the room is so packed that if you miss the first round of table service hahaha GOOD LUCK, hope you brought some almonds in your tiny, tiny clutch).  I started to squeeze around the table in the packed ballroom toward a waiter who was clearly trying to escape me. As the waiter scooted out of my reach, I saw HER. Meryl. Beautiful, luminous Meryl Streep. She looked like a movie star (I mean, she is THE movie star) – regal, vivacious, full of joy and life. And she was wearing her glasses!

I turned to Joe Lo Truglio (who plays detective Charles Boyle on B99), grabbed his arm, probably too hard, and whisper-screamed, “Meryl is wearing her glasses!”

Joe smiled in his sweet way, “Yeah! You should put yours on, too.”

You see, Joe knows I’m really, really nearsighted. Like, I’m legally blind. Contacts really bother my eyes, so I can’t wear them very often or for long periods of time. The whole time I walked the red carpet, I was in kind of a cloudy haze – which honestly was probably for the best as I was very, very nervous. But now I was inside, and I wanted to see. I wanted to see and really experience the whole event. And here was one of my heroes, golden goddess Meryl freaking Streep, wearing her glasses like it weren’t no big thing. In an instant, I felt all this lady power. So what?! So what if some people don’t think glasses are feminine or sexy? Who cares if my mom is going to berate me later for “hiding my face”? And what do I care if strangers think they look stupid or don’t complement my dress?

I wore them for the rest of ceremony, but all my “Meryl-Streep-is-wearing-them-so-I-will-too” bravado went right out the window when they called Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the winner in the “Best Comedy” category. I leapt up from the table, and then immediately remembered I had my glasses on and felt a rush of nerves to the heart. Should I wear them up on stage? WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW? My cast mates were already running up to the stage and I turned to Andy’s wife, the angelic Joanna Newsome, and asked urgently, “Should I wear my glasses??”

“Yeah!” she said, “They look great!”

Sometimes it just takes a couple cool ladies to remind you what you already know deep down inside: that being yourself (glasses or no) is always in style.