On My Radar: Stephanie Beatriz Gives Us The Deets on How 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Has Changed Her Real-Life Wardrobe

Get inside the mind of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz as she gives you an exclusive look into the show, her (hilarious) thoughts on pop culture, her (serious) appreciation for Dolly Parton and basically anything else that enters her radar.

Clothes! They’re so much easier when other people pick them out for you! That’s why I'm going to share some things I've picked up during the first season of B99 from the costumers and wardrobe crew that have helped me/inspired me/made me figure out how to make my butt look better in pants.

1. Orthopedics for your shoes are awesome

Orthopedics for your shoes are awesome

Wait. Hear me out. I know you think I’m a grandma right now and you were expecting this to be all fashion-y but your feet are important, ok? Heels (including heeled boots) don't have a lot of support or cushioning built in for your foot. A super easy solution is to add an insert – especially for the ball of your foot, because that's where all the weight is going when you wear any type of heel. Wardrobe put some in my boots and GAME CHANGER. I didn't feel as tired at the end of long shoot days, and my ankles and calves didn't feel strained the way they sometimes do if I've been in heels for more than a few hours. Seriously, your feet will thank you. Also, speaking of shoes...

2. Heeled boots are the new black

Heeled boots are the new black

More comfortable than a traditional heel but still retaining that super badass sexy skyscraper feeling we all like, the heeled boot is everything that is right with the world. My fav outfit is a black skinny jean with a heeled black boot – visually your legs look a mile long because of the all-black and the heel. BAM! Also just try really confidently strutting in a pair of high heels. Yeeeeaah, doing a little baby giraffe action, aren't you? Not so with the heeled boot – you will feel strong and steady enough to kick ALL the ass and take ALL the names. 

3. Leather motorcycle jackets are god's gift to us all

Leather motorcycle jackets are god's gift to us all

Except poor vegans. Sad face emoji... BUT NOT SO FAST! Half the jackets I wear on the show are vegan! A "leather jacket" doesn't need to be real leather, but it does need to be added to your closet. You can wear one with EVERYTHING. Sundress feeling too cutesy? Add a leather jacket. Pencil skirt feeling too prim? Guuurl you better throw on that leather jacket. There's a reason it's a classic guys. It goes with more than half the stuff you already own and will go with more than half the stuff you buy in the future. Oh yeah, and did I mention the real ones last forever? I have a vintage one i bought at Goodwill, and when I was checking the pockets I found a tag that said it was made in 1956! I wore it yesterday over a white tee and cutoffs. That’s what I’m talking about – 58 years of sexy leather fashion AND COUNTING.

4. Simple jewelry looks good with everything

Simple jewelry looks good with everything

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, my character has worn the exact same necklace and wristwatch on EVERY EPISODE – it’s the exact same delicate gold necklace and heavy silver men's watch for every outfit, and they always look good! When our costume designer Kirsten and I met at my first fitting, I happened to be wearing my St. Christopher medallion on a delicate gold chain. Kirsten loved it. She ran out and got me one for the show and then added the watch to balance the femininity of the necklace. Those two pieces are super easy, super simple, and go with literally everything I wear on the show. 

5. No More Unibooty

No More Unibooty

I know I've talked about it before on the blog, but JEANS ARE MY FAVORITE. But i hate hate hate how my skinny jeans always get this weird saggy butt thing after I've been wearing and sitting in them for an hour. You know what I'm talking about – when from the back you've got a unibooty, and your TWO cheeks have mysteriously morphed into ONE. Whatever that’s about, I am: Not. Ok. With. It. And even the high quality jeans do it to some extent. But you know what helps with that? A belt. Yup, a stupidly simple solution that I needed a professional costumer to tell me about. 

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