On My Radar: Stephanie Beatriz Talks Acne and Why It Sucks (Duh)

Stephanie Beatriz attends Star Scene Stealers Event
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Last year, a makeup artist introduced me to Dermalogica. I was sitting in her chair crying, as I explained how I’d been fighting off zits FOREVER. She took pity on me and told me all about their line. Dermalogica does something called Face Mapping – basically, they “map” out every part of your face and tell you what you need. It’s not cheap stuff, but the ingredients are really good and I’m telling you my skin has never been better. The texture is better, the surface is softer and less dull, and I get less acne overall. It costs a pretty penny, but remember that THIS IS YOUR FACE DUDES. Like, what if you only got to wear one pair of jeans for the rest of your life? You’d invest, right? You’d find the best fitting, most well made pair and you’d save your pennies to be able to afford them. Your face is worth spending a little more on: you have to wear it out in the world every day.


The shittiest truth of it all is that something that works great for someone else might not work great for you. Dermalogica was a scary move to make – as someone with acne, I was super scared to try anything new because WHAT IF IT GETS WORSE. It’s terrifying when you’re struggling with acne to go out on a limb and try something new, but you HAVE to. Some really popular acne washes and tonics did nothing at all for my skin but dry it out and make it worse. But I wouldn’t have known that they didn’t work for me if I didn’t try them for a while. Just make sure the risks you are taking are well researched and reviewed. Don’t just start rubbing your face in a rag soaked in your own pee because the internet says so (A REAL THING PEOPLE DO. GROSS!). I asked around. I asked friends, makeup artists, facialists, dermatologists, people who had skin I admired. Start making a list of products and why people say they work, and save that money!


Last but not least, the biggest lesson in skin care I had to learn was to love the skin I’m in. I literally used to stare at my face in the mirror with hate and anger. I’d focus on those gigantic zits and just wail about what a monster I was, how I would never have a career because of my gross skin. I couldn’t pass a mirror with out thinking about how hideous my skin was, and how I wished I was someone else, someone with perfect skin.

THIS IS REALLY REALLY BAD FOR YOU, GUYS. You know why? BECAUSE HATING YOURSELF IS BAD. I had stopped looking for the things I like about myself and was only seeing the zits. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t think about how nice I am to strangers and little kids, how much my face lights up when I’m happy. I didn’t focus on my awesome eyebrow scar or those crazy cool four freckles I have that make the shape of a crescent moon on my right cheek. I didn’t think about my talents, my passion for Shakespeare, or what a good friend I am. I made myself so small and worthless that I was just the pimple. Don’t do that to yourself, guys. Go stand in front of that mirror and remember that YOU ARE AWESOME. (I even made a list of stuff I liked about myself and hung it on my vanity mirror, so that when I started to self-hate I’d redirect and love fest myself instead.)

P.S. As I type this, I have a giant cyst healing on my chin. We just shot the fourth episode of the second season and yesterday at work I looked at myself in the mirror and thought… looking good, Beatriz. And then I drank a buttload of water. 


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