Q&A: The Host of Music Voyager Makes Us Listen
By Grace Bastidas | 01/29/2010 - 17:00

A new travel series begins in February on PBS and it’s all about excavating the globe for interesting sounds. Produced by Tantra World Wide, Music Voyager is my kind of show, and host Jacob Edgar has my dream job. He also has the right background: His resume includes a stint at Putumayo records and ownership of indie music label Cumbancha. I recently caught up with Edgar and am now living vicariously through him. Here’s what he had to say:

What places in Latin America do you want to visit?

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Video: Fonseca and Willie Colón Team Up
By Grace Bastidas | 01/28/2010 - 10:38

Salsa great Willie Colón has collaborated with everyone from Celia Cruz to David Byrne in his storied career. And the 59-year-old Nuyorican musician is still churning out the hits. He recently teamed up with Bogotá native Fonseca to record the song “Estar Lejos” for the Colombian’s Gratitud Edición Especial album.

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Ay Caracas! Venezuelan band Los Crema Paraiso Throws a Party
By Grace Bastidas | 01/27/2010 - 11:15

Si*Sé’s guitarist Neil Ochoa, Los Amigos Invisibles’ percussionist José Luis Pardo (a.k.a. DJ Afro) and multi-band bass player Alvaro Benavides weren’t messing around when they formed powerful trio Los Crema Paraiso almost a year ago. The New York–based Venezuelans wanted to fuse their country’s joropo music with rock, funk and electronica, and it appears that they have.

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Miguel Bose has Juanes Present his New Single
By Grace Bastidas | 01/26/2010 - 11:45

Despite being titled Cardio, Miguel Bose’s upcoming pop album (out March 9) is not necessarily geared towards workout fanatics. The word means heart in Greek, and the CD’s new single (“Estuve a punto de…”) beats with all the elements that have made the Spanish singer so successful in his 30-year career.

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From Mexico to Haiti with Love
By Grace Bastidas | 01/25/2010 - 11:33

Mexico City may be located over 1,500 miles away from Port-au-Prince, but that hasn’t stopped many of our favorite Mexican musicians from wanting to do something for Haiti’s earthquake victims. Aleks Syntek, Alejandro Fernández, Vicente Fernández, Julieta Venegas, Natalia Lafourcade, Alejandra Guzmán, Zoe and Panteón Rococo are just some of the artists and groups lending their voices to a special album titled Voces por Haití.

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Do Your Part for Haiti
By Grace Bastidas | 01/22/2010 - 11:22

It’s time to give a little. Celebrities around the world are coming together this weekend to help earthquake victims in Haiti. Watch and donate.

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Video: Daddy Yankee Gives Us “Grito Mundial”
By Grace Bastidas | 01/21/2010 - 13:48

The World Cup doesn’t kick off in South Africa till June but that doesn’t mean we can’t start celebrating now. And thanks to Daddy Yankee, we have just the song to get fans excited.

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Enrique Bunbury Turns into a Zombie
By Grace Bastidas | 01/20/2010 - 12:45

If you think zombies are so 2009, think again. Spanish crooner Enrique Bunbury comes back as the living dead in his new video for the song “Frente a Frente” from his upcoming album Las Consecuencias (EMI; out Feb. 16).

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Listen: Julieta Venegas Releases New Single
By Grace Bastidas | 01/19/2010 - 13:01

Mexican singer Julieta Venegas just released “Bien o mal,” the first single from her upcoming album Otra Cosa, which is set to drop in March. Co-written by the chanteuse and Alejandro Sergi from the group Miranda, the track is all about love and the doubts and questions that come along when someone new turns your life upside down.

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Q&A: Solo Artist Rene Lopez Has Music Coursing Through His Veins
By Grace Bastidas | 01/15/2010 - 12:04

Bronx native Rene Lopez was raised to the sounds of salsa. His dad was a trumpet player for the 1970’s New York band Tipica 73 and brought him along on gigs, eventually inspiring the younger singer’s Latin soul–inflected Rock and Roll. His latest EP, Johnny Wants to be a Matador, is a groovy collection of songs with the Big Apple written all over them. I recently caught up with the crooner and here’s what he had to say:

Tell me about your dad.

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