Workout Video: Sweating to Aterciopelados and Shakira

I should’ve dragged myself to the gym months ago. It isn’t quite summer yet but that’s a technicality—New York is hitting 90 degrees today! As I realize the error of my ways a bit late in the game, I do know that a lack of inspiration is partially to blame.

Enter Emily Summerhill, a workout fanatic I came across on You Tube, who is perfectly content burning fat in her living room as she sweats to an interesting collection of Latin hits (who knew Aterciopelados’ “El Estuche” equaled abs of steel?!).

At first, I wasn’t sure if she was serious but her vast collection of spandex outfits and funky hairdos signal otherwise. Check out some of her vids and let me know what you think. In this next routine, she’s moving to Shakira’s “Objection” while her cat lurks in the background.