Who Won Motown Night on "American Idol": Allison Iraheta or Adam Lambert?

Last night, Idol producers did the unthinkable! They actually let Allison Iraheta sing last—in other words, they sent a clear signal that it's time to take her seriously as a contender. (I'd like to think this was because they read my conspiracy theory rant last week, but they probably just realized that Allison was thisclose to elimination, and it was all their fault.)

And just as I had hoped and dreamed for weeks now, the 16-year-old salvadoreña took that final slot and owned it—on Motown night, no less—bringing her husky tone and wise-beyond-her-years stage presence to "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" and a getting a standing ovation from mentor Smokey Robinson himself. So that means she was the night's clear winner, right?

Not exactly. Someone else got a standing O too, and his name is Adam freaking Lambert. Lambert toned down all that shrieky hooting and hollering from country week and delivered a poignant cover of Smokey's own "Tracks of My Tears," and it brought the house down. Ken Doll costume aside, I loved it. And I've been blasting Adam for his creepy theatrics since day one. What I didn't love, though, is that it put a bit of a damper on what should have been Allison's moment in the spotlight. I'm also feeling a little resentful towards Simon Cowell, who had to go and steal Allison's thunder by drawing a stupid moustache on Paula Abdul's face. Seriously, what was that?!

What do you think, Idol fanáticos? Did either Adam or Allison come out on top last night, or was it a tossup?