Video: Shakira and Rafael Nadal Kiss and Tell

You’ve already heard the rumors about Shakira and Rafa’s supposed romance. And now we finally have some evidence of the superstar pair getting down and dirty—albeit for her new video. The colombiana’s video for the song “Gypsy” from her She Wolf album features the singer shaking her stuff like only she can for the sweaty, shirtless tennis player. Though it’s all in the name of art, they seem really at ease with each other in the clip, which was filmed in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and directed by Spaniard Jaume de la Iguana.

Shakira said she cast the tennis ace because she wanted to be on set with someone that shared her gypsy-like spirit. “I wanted it to be someone like me, who has traveled the world,” she has said. Thankfully, Rafa didn’t need much convincing. “It was a lot of fun; I had some time between tournaments and training and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity,” he said. “Shakira, as always, was spectacular. Working with a woman as charming as her, well, it makes it a lot easier."