Video: Mariah Carey and The-Dream's "My Love" (Directed by Nick Cannon!)

Finally, we get to see the fruits of Mariah Carey and her hubby's labor. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cannon have been hard at work on the music video for Mariah's new song, "My Love," the second single on crooner-songwriter The-Dream's new album, Love vs. Money.

I'm a fan of The-Dream's playful, albeit repetitive, vocal stylings, and the song itself is cute and catchy mid-tempo R&B. Mimi's frizzed-out, low side-ponytail is really the only thing that stands out about the clip, which was directed by Cannon, but come on—was anyone really expecting Spike Jonze-esque levels of creativity? Let's just be happy that there's enough eye candy in the video—from the crazy city view and Mariah's fabulously moisturized gams to humbler details like salchichas in a frying pan—to keep it moving.

Though I still miss the days when one of Mimi's signature power notes could put other divas to shame, I can see myself humming along to this tune on the radio as the weather warms up. What do you think?