VIDEO: Kat DeLuna Featuring Lil Wayne, "Unstoppable"

TGIF, music junkies! Kat DeLuna premiered her brand new video for "Unstoppable" (featuring Lil Wayne) on her MySpace page this morning, and I'm still absorbing it. That's because it's a whole lot to take in: new song, new hairdo, new vibe, new...well, pretty much everything!

It's a more aggressive look for Kat, and the Weezy verse, though not his best by any stretch, will defintely get everyone's attention. But I don't know how I feel about this new sound as a whole. There's a whole lot of AutoTune going on...too much for my personal taste. In fact, I was just playing the video a little too loudly, and my co-worker came over asking, "Are you listening to Kanye?" (Yes, people. That's what it has come to.) But if wresting back the spotlight is her goal, then this new bag of tricks just might work for Miss DeLuna.

What do you think? Watch the new vid below and let me know your thoughts.

WATCH: Kat DeLuna featuring Lil Wayne, "Unstoppable"