Video: Is It Beyoncé? Is it Rihanna? Nope, It's Christina Milian.

Ever feel like someone is just asking for you to hate on them? That's kind of how I feel about Christina Milian. I want to root for her, but I always get the impression she doesn't want me to. I mean, why else would the girl make a song as sad, lifeless and derivative as "Us Against the World"?

This is the first tune we've heard from Milian in years, and it's supposed to represent her triumphant comeback. Why, then does it sound like the evil spawn of Alicia Keys' "No One" and Rihanna's "Umbrella." And why, oh why, is she continuing to rip off Beyoncé's style by wearing a slinky bodysuit in this oh-so-boring music video?

Oh, Christina. I'm starting to think I'll never understand you.

Does everyone agree with me, or am I making much ado over nothing? Watch this occasionally sexy, but mostly unfortunate, music video below and let me know in the comments.

WATCH: Christina Milian, "Us Against the World"