Video: Don Omar’s “Sexy Robotica” Is Out of This Galaxy

Reggaeton has come along way. Originally relegated to sweaty underground clubs in Panama and P.R. back in the early '90s, the genre was recently added to the 11th edition of Merriam-Webster. The collegiate dictionary defines it as “Popular music of Puerto Rican origin that combines rap with Caribbean rhythms.” And though some may argue if that’s entirely correct, it’s interesting to see how mainstream the music style has become.

So what’s the next step for reggaeton, you ask? A sweaty underground club in the future (of course!), according to Don Omar’s latest video, “Sexy Robotica,” the second single from his IDon album. Directed by Carlos R. Perez, who also worked on “Virtual Diva,” the vid takes place in a steamy “subterranean world far from civilization” that’s populated by sensual, lip-locking dancers.

I hear that while on set in Miami, the reggaetonero also shot a 30-second television commercial for AT&T featuring a jingle he created called “Tirame al Celu.” The ad, which features sexy dancers but no tongue wagging, is yet another example of how family-friendly reggaeton can be. If grandma still feels out of the loop, just pass her the dictionary!