Video: Daddy Yankee Gives Us “Grito Mundial”

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The World Cup doesn’t kick off in South Africa till June but that doesn’t mean we can’t start celebrating now. And thanks to Daddy Yankee, we have just the song to get fans excited. The reggaetonero’s “Grito Mundial” from his latest album, Mundial, delivers a strong message: “Cero racismo, cero egoísmo, voy palante porque creo en mi mismo/ Camina sin perder tu identidad, la victoria es pa’ toda la humanidad.” Translation: “Zero racism, zero egotism, I’m going forward because I believe in myself/ Walk without losing your identity, victory is for all humanity.” Yet, it doesn’t pack the build-up and rush that Ricky Martin’s “La Copa de la Vida” did in 1998.

Still, Daddy Yankee’s ode to “the beautiful game” is getting me amped for the summer, especially after watching the song’s video. Filmed in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, it features plenty of ardent fans, cool soccer moves, caipoeira dancers and pretty girls in feathers. It definitely deserves a nice loud Gooooooooooool!

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