Video: Christina Aguilera Opens Up

While other teen pop sensations have come and gone (off the deep edge, in Britney’s case), Christina Aguilera has evolved into a serious performer not afraid to take risks. In the ten-plus years she’s been around, we’ve seen her go from good girl to “dirrty” girl to sexy mommy. If you want to know what’s next, the pop star is giving viewers a peek into her into her professional and personal lives tonight on Christina Aguilera: An E! Entertainment Special (9 p.m. EST).

She talks about her upcoming electro-pop album:

“Whenever Max was born I really gravitated for some reason towards a lot of electro music and sort of that futuristic sound. I was listening to a lot of artists like Zero 7 and they have worked a lot with one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Sia, who’s absolutely amazing . . . I really wanted to step inside their world and see how they put together their sound and their music and sort of experiment with different textures and sounds of my voice.”

The 28-year-old gushes about her hubby Jordan Bratman, whom she married in 2005:

“I grew up not really having sort of any real male perspective or role model. Jordan continuously just makes me fall deeper and deeper in love with him more every day. He just exudes such love and is such a great father to Max that it just makes me the happiest woman alive and I’m happy to have him in my life.”

She describes how she found out she was pregnant with her son Max:

“We hadn’t even barely tried and, well, I was pregnant. I took one of those little home pregnancy tests and I just started tearing up because I realized there was a human being in my being and I was going to be a mommy.”

Aguilera also explains how she keeps that post baby body:

“I can’t torture myself, so I have to have some sort of carbs and I have to eat and drink what I like so I take a specific hour of the day, hour-and-a-half, five days a week from the studio right before I actually put my son to bed—that’s my gym hour.”