Video: Aterciopelados + Los Fabulosos Cadillacs = Best Concert Weekend Ever

Two of my all-time favorite Latin rock bands—Colombia's Aterciopelados and Argentina's Los Fabulosos Cadillacs—performed sold-out shows in NYC this past weekend, and I was lucky enough to catch them both and bring back exclusive video footage just for you.

First up was Atercios at Highline Ballroom on Saturday, where the austere goddess that is Andrea Echeverrí performed songs with bandmate Hector Buitrago from their new album, Río. They also reworked some old favorites like "Rompecabezas," which was given a wonderfully tripped-out tango treatment and even brought Andrea to her knees. But I've decided to show you a part of their live rendition of "Paces" because it was one the few times that Hector broke out of his shell, hyping up the crowd with a little handclap action. The almost all-colombiano crowd happily obliged.

The fans at Los Fabulosos' show at Hammerstein were even more adoring; probably because it was the band's first time performing in the States in over 10 years. That's a lot of pent-up emotion! LFC made up for the long wait with a two-and-a-half hour-plus set that was full of their biggest hits and climaxed, of course, with "Matador." Personal note: I was so psyched for this show that I inched my way up to the front of the stage, only to step back semi-fearfully when about 40 argentinos created a spontaneous mosh pit. You can see a little of that in the video below, where bodies start thrashing around out of nowhere during the band's performance of "Pobre Paquito." (Don't worry, I did not get injured during the making of this clip.)

Shows like these are all too rare, which is probably why they often take on the aura of a soccer game, with Latin American flags and jerseys being whipped in the the air and screams merging into an eerily powerful, collective chant. If you missed the shows, you can still enter here to win tickets to the remaining dates on Aterciopelados' tour. As for LFC? You'll have to wait a bit longer...but not as long as you might think...I can't say any more, but look out for an announcement soon—and don't say I didn't tip you off first!

VIDEO: Aterciopelados performing "Paces" in NYC

VIDEO: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs performing "Pobre Paquito" in NYC