Shakira Fights for the Youth

In case you missed it, yesterday’s New York Times Magazine included a great article all about Shakira and Alas, the foundation the Colombian singer and other stars launched in 2006 to combat childhood poverty. In the story, editor Scott Malcomson writes about a flight from Miami to San Salvador in which he joined Shakira and Spanish vocalist Alejandro Sanz, who were flying over to attend an Ibero-American summit meeting and speak about early child development to Latin American leaders.

The story focuses on Shakira’s efforts to defend the young: “When a child is born poor, he will die poor, unless he receives an opportunity. That opportunity is education. It’s that helping hand that they’re looking for. Latin America is a young continent, it’s malleable, it’s flexible. We still can change,” she told Malcolmson, who notes that “she is not someone whom it would be reasonable to underestimate.” Check out the piece here and let me know what you think.