Shakira and Nelly Furtado Tease Us with New Singles

Shakira: "La Loba"

If you’re not careful, Shakira’s "La Loba" will have you howling at the moon. As the first single from her as-yet-untitled upcoming album (out Sept. 25), it gives listeners a taste of what’s to come while leaving us eager for more. The dance floor–ready track has a strong disco feel (you can almost imagine the lights swirling around), as well as some serious heavy breathing and dictionary-worthy lyrics. "Quién no ha querida a una diosa licántropa" is one of the opening lines and, yes, it includes the word “licántropa,” which, according to Merriam-Webster, means "a delusion that one has become or assumed the characteristics of a werewolf." ¡Auuuuuuuuuu!

Nelly Furtado: "Manos Al Aire"

Wave your hands in the air for Nelly Furtado. The Canadian singer is putting the finishing touches on Mi Plan, an all Spanish-language album set for release on September 29. The first single, "Manos Al Aire," showcases Furtado’s strong, soaring vocals (reminiscent of Whoa, Nelly!) and songwriting ability. She cowrote the heartfelt track with James Bryan and Alex Cuba. Listen to the chorus and feel free to dedicate it to someone that keeps you up at night: "No tengo armas para enfrentarte / Pongo mis manos, manos al aire / Sólo me importa amarte / En cuerpo y alma como era ayer."