Selena Gomez and Mallu Magalhães: Two Very Different Teen Sensations

Teen queen Selena Gomez has a new music video out for the song “Naturally” from her debut album Kiss & Tell. Colorful and energetic, the vid features the 17-year-old Disney darling donning at least three different outfits and hairdos (curls, updo, straight) as she sings lyrics like “You are the thunder and I am the lightening.” As I listened attentively in preparation for writing today’s post, Gomez got me thinking about another lesser known teen in a land far, far away.

I’m talking about Brazil’s Mallu Magalhães. Also age 17, the São Paulo native is a folkrock singer/songwriter who used the monetary gifts she received for her 15th birthday to record her first songs in English and post them online. An instant sensation, she was quickly dubbed a “mini-Feist” by MTV Brazil.

Now a full-fledged professional musician, the teen has released her second album, a self-titled collection of tracks in both English and Portuguese with influences that run the gamut from psychedelia (“Bee on the Grass”) to reggae (“Shine Yellow”). Listen to some of her music here and let me know what you think. Oh, and don’t expect to see this teen queen glamming it up when she performs; it’s all about the music for her.

Here is Mallu singing “Shine Yellow” on a Brazilian television show:


And here's the aforementioned Selena Gomez single, "Naturally."