Santana, Forever Supernatural

It’s been a decade since original guitar hero Carlos Santana took home nine Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, for Supernatural. The disc featured unforgettable collaborations with Maná ("Corazón Espinado"), Rob Thomas ("Smooth"), Wyclef Jean ("Maria Maria") and other artists. It also reignited the 62-year-old Mexican rocker’s career and introduced him to a whole generation of listeners that were born well after Woodstock.

To commemorate the album's success, Santana is re-issuing it as a two-disc Legacy Edition replete with seven new songs, including remixes and instrumental material, and a book of rare photos from the artist’s archives. And although the double CD won’t be out until Feb. 16, fans can catch the legendary guitarist during his residency, titled "Supernatural Santana: A Trip Through the Hits," at Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino throughout February.

Santana, who’s working on a new album with Clive Davis (the producer behind Supernatural), is said to put a lot of love into every performance. He recently said in an interview, "Each song metaphorically is like a sunset or a sunrise. They're never the same. I don't look at songs like the routine of brushing your teeth or tying your shoelaces. For me, every time is the first time and every time is the last time."