Santana Character Takes the Stage in Guitar Hero 5

Want to shred the guitar like Carlos Santana? Good luck! The legendary Mexican musician has been perfecting his supernatural finger work and Afro-Latin rock fusion for over 40 years. You can either put in the time…. or buy Guitar Hero 5 when it comes out this fall. Yes, the latest edition of the popular video game franchise features the hall of famer as a playable character, dressed in a groovy 70’s-style shirt and his signature fedora. I’m not much into PlayStation (or any other console for that matter), but I wouldn’t mind rocking out with the Grammy Award–winning guitarist. Players can join in on the drums, bass, vocals or guitar for a performance of the oldie “No One to Depend On” from his 1972 self-titled album, Santana. Other artists on board include Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain and Shirley Manson. Here’s a trailer of our favorite virtual “Guitar Hero” on stage: