Q&A: Take Flight with Argentine Female Trio No Lo Soporto

No Lo Soporto, which translates to “I can’t stand it,” is a female indie rock trio from Buenos Aires with a very recognizable fan: Gustavo Cerati. Soda Stereo’s legendary frontman chose the group as best new band in 2006 for an Argentine paper, instantly putting them on the musical map. Their sophomore album, Avión, digitally released by Chappell Music in August, is taking them to where they want to be. I spoke with bassist Lara Pedrosa about everything you need to know:

How did you meet the other girls?

Naila [guitar/lead vocals] and Lucia [drums] are sisters. We met through an acquaintance. We started jamming and had good chemistry.

Where did the name No Lo Soporto come from?

It’s a phrase a lot of kids use during their adolescence. It’s not directed at men, and no, we’re not feminists. Ha, ha.

You must’ve discarded some rather interesting names?

We discarded ‘No Soporto a Los Hombres’ [I can’t stand men], just kidding.

Speaking of, what are the challenges of having an all-girl group?

In Argentina, actually in Latin American in general, rock is very machista and still dominated by men but we don’t focus on that. We’re always looking ahead.

What was the inspiration behind Avion?

Everything that happens to us.

Gustavo Cerati guests on the song “Nunca Ire”—how did you guys eventually meet him?

We crossed paths at an event. And when we started recording, we wanted a masculine voice and asked him.

You’re all wearing flight attendant uniforms on the album’s cover; do you ever break those out for a show?

One time. But we took them off and gave them away during that show.

You took everything off?

Ha, ha. Not everything. We gave away our hats and vests.

What are some of your musical influences?

Bands like Nirvana, Espinetta, Radiohead, PJ Harvey and Bjork. We started seven years ago, there’s a lot.

Anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

With an artist named Javiera Mena from Chile that does electro pop.

Here’s the video for “Nunca Ire”—enjoy!: