Q&A: Reyli Opens Up About His New Album

Yes, Mexican singer-songwriter Reyli is a romantic, but yet he’s so much more. The former Elefante frontman lays it all on the line in his latest album, Que Vueltas da la vida. The 10 tracks on the CD deal with finding love and losing it with sincere lyrics (¡Me siento re jodido!
necesito terapia, la verdad . . .) that can only have been written from the heart.

Are you a romantic in life?
My music as a composer has taken many different paths. This album illustrates some common themes in my life: I’m romantic, festive and socially conscious.

What’s different about this album—it’s your third as a solo artist?
I made it with Andres Castro, who is Colombian and gave the record a lot of personality. The album makes you feel like you’re at a live concert.

Your lyrics are emotional and truthful—what inspires you?
Inspiration is a divine gift. You have to dedicate some time to it. Live saying, “if you have something to say, let it loose without fear.” I get in inspired in Buenos Aires, New York, in my native land of Chiapas, everywhere. You have to work at it.

Do you have a favorite song?
It’s called “La Verdad” and it’s fun, melancholic. I like it.

“Cásate Conmigo” is the perfect wedding day song—was that your intention?
My manager once told me that I should write a song called “Cásate Conmigo.” It’s a song that I dedicate to love and those who have fallen in love through my music.

Do you get that a lot from people?
Yes. There are also those that tell me that they break it off thanks to my music. Ha ha.

Who do you listen to when you’re feeling romantic?
Joaquín Sabina, José Alfredo Jiménez, Jorge Drexler. Music with good lyrics.