Our Favorite "Loba" Digs Thomas Jefferson

Shakira isn’t only a hot body, she’s also an avid reader who isn’t afraid to express herself. The Colombian singer is featured on an upcoming issue of Condé Nast Traveler, where she discusses everything from narco-trafficking to her travel preferences. Her dream trip? “A long journey through Latin America. It is such a magical place, where ancient indigenous cultures that existed before America was 'discovered' remain intact. The painful memory of entire civilizations being crushed and exploited by the Europeans resonates today,” answers the socially conscious singer, who lives in the Bahamas and tends to vacation in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where she owns a big farm.

The most surprising part of the interview is probably Shakira’s reading list. We all know she’s smart, but did you realize she’s also a history buff? “Right now I am into the Founding Fathers—a brave group of people who understood the value of a fundamental concept for mankind: liberty. I’m reading a biography of Thomas Jefferson. My next book is Common Sense, by Thomas Paine. It is already on my nightstand, waiting its turn,” she says in the article. It’s not really light fare but any interest in joining an unofficial Shakira book club? I hear Paine’s political pamphlet, which instigated the revolution, was a bestseller when it was originally published in 1776. Think about it.