New Music: Don Omar Wants a "Virtual Diva"

Is Don Omar looking to the wrong people for musical inspiration? The reggaeton A-lister recently dropped a new single entitled "Virtual Diva," and thematically speaking, it's a whole lot like 50 Cent's "Ayo Technology." Along with "I Get Money," that single is the only thing that prevented Fifty's 2007 album, Curtis, from being a total wash, which is not to say it's a great song. It just has two things going for it: a hook by Justin Timberlake and beats by Timbland.

Don Omar's has neither, and as a result it relies on a lame male fantasy about a hot girl in the digital domain. Isn't he supposed to be a changed man since his marriage to Jackie Guerrido? What's changed here is not the lyrical content, but the sound. In place of reggaeton is a really derivative, handclap-happy beat with a few housey synth punctuations for good measure. It's reminiscent of Daddy Yankee's "Pose," which sort of revived people's faith in Yankee last year because, hey, it beats "El Impacto," right? But Don's version of electro-urban pop isn't executed nearly as well. Don't you agree?

On the bright side, I guess I like his falsetto. Also, Don has just joined Marc Anthony, Alejandro Sanz, Paulina Rubio and others on the celebrity lineup for the Latino Inaugural Gala (shout out to Obama), so it will be great to see a predominantly hip-hop Latino artist participating in an important event. Let's just pray that he doesn't perform this song.

LISTEN: Don Omar, "Virtual Diva"