Miguel Bose has Juanes Present his New Single

Despite being titled Cardio, Miguel Bose’s upcoming pop album (out March 9) is not necessarily geared towards workout fanatics. The word means heart in Greek, and the CD’s new single (“Estuve a punto de…”) beats with all the elements that have made the Spanish singer so successful in his 30-year career.

Bose recently asked his musical BFF, Juanes (the pair have staged a few peace concerts together), to deliver the track via the Colombian rocker’s Twitter page. “Me llamo y me pidio el favor que lo compartiera con todos ustedes antes de que saliera a la radio,” wrote Juanes. “He called and asked that I share it with all of you before it came out on the radio.”

The song talks about the rash decisions we almost make when we follow our hearts. And like all the tunes on the album, it was written, composed and arranged by the 54-year-old artist.

The CD, which was recorded in May, is said to be his most contemporary work yet. According to Bose, he wanted to “see if I could refine the language to its most simple and basic extreme, in a more brazen way. I wanted to find lyrics that were at once whimsical and sensible, yet untamed and direct, but also deep and light." That’s a tall order! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Check out the the single here for now.