Manu Chao Mines Psychiatric Hospital for New Material

Global superstar Manu Chao never ceases to amaze me.  For the past five years he’s been working with La Colifata, a Buenos Aires–based radio station run out of a psychiatric hospital that uses media as therapy. “With the help of a few friends, the patients decided to launch this radio station to express themselves. To relieve everything they have inside, and to speak to the world,” the singer has said.

Moved by their stories, he decided to produce a benefit album recorded by the station’s members. The result is La Colifata, 20 songs about everything from loneliness and love to tango and the pope, available here. If you need further proof of his unique relationship with the hospital’s residents, check out the video for “Rainin’ In Paradize,” which features an appearance by “Los Califatos,” as they’re known: