Live and Direct: Mexican Band Molotov Rocks Hard, Raps Harder

While most people stayed in to watch the Grammys on Sunday night, NYC fans of Molotov decided they'd rather release a little tension and weave a tangled mosh pit at Irving Plaza, inspired by the Mexican band's aggressive rap-rock sound (the System of a Down kind, not the Limp Bizkit kind). Lucky them. The more Molotov got into its heavily anti-establishment repertoire, the more they set the crowd free of any pent up emotion...perhaps anger over real rock music's absence from that silly awards show on TV.

Press play below to see Molotov's live version of "¿Por Qué No Te Haces Para Allá?" and their fans' intense show of appreciation. Because catharsis is one hell of a drug.  

WATCH: Molotov performing in New York City