Listen: Julieta Venegas Releases New Single

Mexican singer Julieta Venegas just released “Bien o mal,” the first single from her upcoming album Otra Cosa, which is set to drop in March. Co-written by the chanteuse and Alejandro Sergi from the group Miranda, the track is all about love and the doubts and questions that come along when someone new turns your life upside down. The lyrics illustrate that confusion: “Si esta bien…Agradezco y te correspondere/ Si esta mal…Como nunca llorare.” Translation: “If it’s good…I’ll appreciate and correspond/ If it’s bad…I’ll cry like never before.” Ahhh, it’s a risk we all have to take, I suppose.

Aside from the album, Venegas has also been busy on Twitter urging fans to help Haiti’s earthquake victims through Unicef, an organization for which she serves as goodwill ambassador.

Check out "Bien o mal" below: