Juanes Will Not Succumb to Fear

There’s no stopping Juanes. The Colombian singer is going ahead with his second “Peace Without Borders” concert in Cuba on September 20, despite accusations that he endorses Fidel’s communist government, and, worse yet, death threats.

The 37-year-old rocker reportedly received a message on Twitter saying, “I hate what you are saying but you will die defending your right to say it.” Juanes, who has two daughters and a son on the way with wife Karen Martínez, has said that he “fears for his safety as well as his family.”

Yet the show must go on. Last night, Juanes declared on his Twitter page that “a concert for peace from Havana has many positive messages, messages of change, of better times.” He also talked about staging his next peace concert in Mexico—a country that can also use a little love from the Medellín native.

A firm believer that you can change “Odio por Amor,” Juanes's lyrics explain why he started these Peace Concerts—his intentions are good, people. Check out the video below: