Grammy Winner Spotlight: The Mars Volta

Boy, could the Grammys have used some Mars Volta on their telecast last night. Outside of Radiohead, there was no real rock on the show! Of course, they would have you believe otherwise, since they showered "rock" artists like Coldplay, Robert Plant and The Jonas Brothers with trophies throughout the night. But I see right through you, Recording Academy.

Anyway, I'd like to highlight The Mars Volta's big win today, because it may be the only time in history a band that was founded by two Texicans (Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez) and plays a heady mix of metal/Latin fusion/acid jazz/funk/punk will ever win a Grammy Award. Congrats, chicos.

Press play below to watch The Mars Volta shout Viva México! during their acceptance speech at the non-telecast portion of the show, then see them shake the walls at the Ed Sullivan Theater with a live performance of their Grammy-winning song, "Wax Simulacra." Are you into the noise?

WATCH: The Mars Volta's Grammy Acceptance Speech (fast forward to 1:45)

WATCH: The Mars Volta performing "Wax Simulacra" on Late Show with David Letterman