Find Out What Everyone Was Listening to in 2009, According to iTunes

Download giant iTunes recently released “Rewind 2009,” a compendium of the year’s top-selling songs and albums. As expected, Michael Jackson takes top honors with Artist of the Year, followed by Lady Gaga as Best New Artist. In terms of mp3s, The Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” is the no.1 song on the list and Kings of Leon’s Only By the Night dominates the charts with the most album sales.

Skipping over to the Latino category—really our most pressing concern—we have three Mexican indie acts I absolutely heart. Best Album goes to quintet Zoé for Reptilectric (EMI), a dreamy collection of songs that takes a minimalist approach to alternative rock. Though these guys have been jamming together for a decade, they only ventured into the U.S. this year because, as guitarist Sergio Acosta told me back in May, “you also need a group of people that believe in you.” If album sales are any indication, I’d say Zoé has plenty of believers.

Best Single goes to guitar-strumming pixie Natalia Lafourcade’s “Ella Es Bonita,” a catchy track about waiting for an indecisive guy to make up his mind between two girls from the Lily Allen look-a-alike’s Hu Hu Hu album (Sony BMG). And Best New Latino Artist is “awarded” to electronic pop trio Hello Seahorse!, whose latest release Bestia (Nacional Records) is as haunting as its title with the kind of hypnotizing soundscape that tugs at listeners’ emotions.