Exclusive: New Music—and a Special Message!—from Paula DeAnda

It's been three years since teen songstress Paula DeAnda entered the charts—and hearts of young girls everywhere—with her self-titled debut album, and if you're one of the many eagerly awaiting her comeback, wait no more. The Mexican American pop starlet, now 19, is back with "Roll the Credits," another crush-worthy ballad about a failed relationship that hit iTunes this week and serves as a taste of her sophomore effort to be released later this year.


"Fans write to me on MySpace all the time telling me they can't wait for my new music," DeAnda tells Sound Check. "I say, 'If you can't wait, imagine how I feel!' " Why the long wait, then? "We've just been waiting for the perfect song to come out with first, and I really feel like 'Roll the Credits' is the one. It's based on an experience that my close friend had with someone she was dating...I think a lot of girls can relate to it."

DeAnda chatted with us by phone from her new apartment (she recently moved out of her parents' home in Corpus Christi, Texas) about her other goal for 2009: getting her driver's license. "My biggest problem is braking; I always stop too short!" she says, exasperated. "I'm working hard at it, though." Somehow we think she'll be just fine. 

Are you guys feeling her new single,"Roll The Credits"?